Dirty Disco 2017 – Encompassing the History of Arizona’s Scene

Dirty Disco has been a significant gathering of the Phoenix electronic community for eight years running. In 2010, local promoter Sam Groove had a vision in mind; with a lack of focus on the financial aspects, gather all the party people of Phoenix for a night of dancing in the desert…

The Hottest Night in the Desert: Dirty Disco 2017 | Festival Squad

Arizona’s premier desert party is back again this year with a vengeance!  Bringing a bigger stage, more fire, and the heaviest hitting artists to date, this year’s Dirty Disco is the most anticipated we’ve ever seen.  Brought to you by Hades Entertainment and supported by Sam Groove, the event is on for May 20th, 2017 at the Rawhide Rodeo Arena.

Dirty Disco 2017: Hard Dance Soars Into The Skies Once Again | BPM BOOST

Beckoned by the boys at Hades Entertainment, Code Black is the featured Euphoric Hard Dance artist at this year’s installment of Dirty Disco. Hades Entertainment states: “After having such an explosive performance from Wasted Penguinz at least years Dirty Disco we knew one thing. Hard Dance belongs here in Arizona, and we’re going to be bringing it every year to this show. A new face every year that’s never been to Arizona.”


Dirty Disco 2016 | Event Recap | EDM Identity

Dirty Disco 2016 is in the books and it was definitely an amazing night. Check out the details on this local Phoenix event today!

Dirty Disco: It’s Not a Music Festival, It’s a Muthaf*ckin Rave [Event Preview] | RaverRafting

It’s not a music festival, It’s a muthaf*ckin RAVE. With a tagline like that…Dirty Disco isnt an event you want to miss!

The Dirty Disco Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Arizona’s Hardest Party | Festival Squad

n 2010, Sam Groove organized a low key desert rave in Arizona and he called it the Dirty Disco. Unexpectedly, a thousand people showed up and had an unforgettable experience. Realizing he had momentum, Groove partnered with Hades Entertainment to push the growth of Dirty Disco. The summer party now consistently brings in world class artists, repeatedly mesmerizes the audience with state of the art production, and continues to be very professionally put together. Dirty Disco returns to the Rodeo Arena at Rawhide on Saturday, May 21, 2016.

The Who’s Who of Dirty Disco 2016

The week of Dirty Disco has arrived! Are you ready to get your groove on out at Rawhide? We’ve rounded up a little Who’s Who to help you get a feel for some of the artists – and this year there is definitely a little something for everyone. Get ready for trap, trance, house, D&B, and even psytrance and hardstyle!

Your Guide To Dirty Disco 2016

This Saturday the 21st, Dirty Disco is back for it’s seventh year at Rawhide Rodeo Arena with lots of fun features. If you like the harder styles of edm and don’t mind getting a little dirty, you’re definitely going to want to check this one out. Dirty Disco has lots to offer, so I’m going to offer you a guide to the event with some great reasons why you can’t miss it, and some handy tips assuring that you make the best of the experience.


Dirty Disco Has Become One of Arizona’s Greatest Desert Events | Your EDM

This past weekend, Arizona EDM fans got to have tons of filthy fun at Dirty Disco in Phoenix. The venue was packed with people donning their best rave gear, despite the mud and dirt of the desert. 

Your EDM Interview: Sam Groove, Founder of Dirty Disco | Your EDM


This year has been jam packed with events for Arizona music lovers. There’s another major event happening in the month of May, and this time attendees are going to get down and dirty. Dirty Disco has been a highlight of the underground scene for the past few years and provides quite the desert experience. Sam Groove is the founder of Dirty Disco and one of the most influential EDM icons in the Arizona scene. He was able to talk with me about this event’s origins, struggles and successes, and his position in the industry today.