Hailing from New Mexico but residing in Arizona for the better part of two decades, our founder Sam Groove began his trip through music in 2005 shortly after attending his first rave in the desert north of Tucson. Sam was no stranger to parties outside of city limits though, as he would frequent high school keggers in the desert just outside of Albuquerque. What truly piqued his interest though, were the DJs and the ultimate force they had over the party while playing this weird, underground music on vinyl records.

The moment Sam Groove acquired turntables and a mixer, he immediately developed an obsession for collecting vinyl. Spending hundreds of dollars every month at record shops and online stores, he relentlessly fed his addiction on the once dubbed “black crack”. His passion for underground music quickly landed him DJ bookings around the city, a job at a local record store, and inspired him to begin producing his own events.

Shortly after his debut event production in 2008, Sam Groove became a household name in the Arizona dance music community. He found himself regularly booked to DJ at house parties, desert raves, and warehouse events. With a passionate drive for spreading underground dance music, he continued throwing events in the Phoenix area. While some of these events were successful, most were not, and this is what sparked the idea for Dirty Disco being a casual, low-cost means of simply having fun with friends in the desert. The rest is history.

With Dirty Disco an established success, Sam Groove joined Hades Entertainment as a company DJ to begin invading the club scene. He eventually became promotions manager for the company to produce many other events and further develop the Dirty Disco brand. Over the years he has played headlining shows in and out of Arizona, provided direct support to major names such as Knife Party, Destructo, Steve Aoki, and Borgore to name a few, and held a 3-year club residency while mixing his signature sound of “Ghetto Funky Booty Bass”.