Wasted Penguinz is a hardstyle act from Helsingborg, Sweden. From 2008, when the act was still a duo, they started producing after meeting each other at a forum. The two had known each other since 2006, when they both separately mainly produced eurodance music. From 2008 they started to focus on the harder side of the music and the hardstyle duo Wasted Penguinz was founded. In 2020 Jon, 50% of the act, decided to be no longer a part of Wasted Penguinz anymore. From this point on, Pontuz continued with the act.

Infecting minds all over the world with their euphoric sounds and funny antics, it is truly inspiring to see the fast growth of this talented duo. The future is looking bright for Pontuz and everyone can only wait and see what is next in store for the popular act from Sweden.